Cats, children, and coffee are the three most famous enemies of Oriental and Persian rugs. Kilim’s and durries are finely made wool rugs manufactured in the Middle East and throughout Europe are manufactured using traditional techniques by skilled craftsmen. If maintained properly area rugs can not only retain their value, but increase in value, thereby becoming a valuable investment.

Online there are various suggestions and advice for maintaining precious rugs, and especially for removing stains and spots. So to simplify and demystify how to remove stains and spots from Oriental and Persian rugs, this article will highlight the methods that are effective, and the methods that are dangerous to your rugs.

The simplest solution is to call a specialised rug cleaner. Unfortunately many people, including carpet cleaners, think that you can treat a rug the same as regular carpet. The entire makeup of a kilim requires more delicate care. If a carpet cleaner treats a rug using the same machine and methods as for cleaning regular carpet, the fibres will be damaged.

How to choose a rug cleaner

Choosing a rug cleaner is a more important decision than you might expect. If a rug is not treated in the proper manner it can be permanently damaged. Strong chemicals and incorrect cleaning methods can ruin the delicate natural fibres and fade or run the dyes. Many rugs from the Middle East are manufactured from fine wool, a material that can easily be damaged from heat and harsh chemicals.

A very good stain secret

For oily grease stains there is a safe and effective tip that will remove every trace of the stain from your carpet. Use lighter fluid to dab the spot with a clean white rag. The ethyl will evaporate and will take the stain with it. Do not rub, or you will simply spread the stain. Of course when you are dealing with antique kilims and traditional Persian rugs, the safest solution is to call a specialised rug cleaner. Oriental and Persian rugs along with Kilims and Durries are all manufactured using different materials and techniques. It is important to clean each type of rug using methods that will not warp the fabric.

I have an antique rug, how should I care for it?

The amount of antique rugs that are still in use throughout the world are testament to the fine manufacturing techniques, and eye for detail that rug manufactures use. Antique kilims need specialised cleaning techniques in order to ensure a clean finish. Antique durries need regular vacuuming without agitation. Rotate your rug regularly, so that foot traffic and sunlight does not ruin one area of the rug. If a stain or spot develops on the rug, it is important to call an antique rug cleaner. Do not use chemicals as the antique rugs are more prone to warping. Traditional hand-washing using warm water is the safest method that professional’s rug cleaners use.

The most important advice for maintaining an Oriental rug is regular vacuuming You can not over vacuum a rug. Purchase a high quality vacuum, and make it a regular part of your weekly schedule.


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