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Carpet Cleaning Star has been servicing the principal city of Boca Raton with premium carpet and rug cleaning expertise since 1990. Situated between West Palm Beach and Pompano Beach, Boca Raton’s tropical rainforest climate makes homes and businesses susceptible to carpet and rug damage brought upon by the humid climate. Also, fifty-three percent of the forty-five thousand households in the area are married couples with children or pets, which can lead to carpet and rug damage over time. Carpet Cleaning Star is a company that prides itself on being able to fulfill the carpet cleaning and rug rinsing needs of our Boca Raton clients.

The Importance of Carpet & Rug Cleaning for Your Boca Raton Property

It is suggested and strongly recommended by carpet manufacturers that carpet cleaning be executed by an expert carpet cleaner every twelve to eighteen months. However, it has been discovered that forty-two percent of carpet and rug cleaning is performed by amateurs. Purchasing floor coverings for homes or businesses is the third costliest investment property owners will make. It is pertinent that regular carpet and rug cleanings are scheduled to maintain the health and strength of your home or businesses’s floor layers. While vacuuming with commercial vacuum cleaners is a step in the right direction towards dry soil removal and good carpet maintenance, Carpet Cleaning Star uses professional vacuums, detergents, and chemicals to remove soluble soil deep within all type of carpets and rugs. Proficient cleaning is vitally significant in sustaining an appealing aspect to your rug or carpet and our carpet cleaners are committed to helping our customers maintain a pristinely kept carpet and superbly conserved rug in Boca Raton.

Principles of Professional Carpet Cleaning

When serving our customers, Carpet Cleaning Star utilizes time-tested principles to deliver the highest quality results when cleaning carpets. The following are the four key fundamentals practiced by our company to deliver the best outcomes for our customers not only in Boca Raton, but everywhere:

1. Temperature – The temperature of the environment is important in the process of carpet and rug cleaning. The higher the temperature of the room, the more effective the cleansing process will be when in practice.

2. Chemical – The caliber of cleansing chemicals used significantly impacts the cleansing results. If the product used to clean are not of a high enough quality, the amount applied should be increased or better chemicals should be procured.

3. Time – The cleansing chemicals placed on the rugs and carpets prior to vacuuming require time to fully function as cleansing agents. Typically, our soap chemicals will require five to seven minutes to dissolve into the carpet before vacuuming can commence.

4. Agitation – Once the chemicals have been thoroughly administered to the rug or carpet, it should be scrubbed into a lather. This assists the chemicals in dissolving soluble soil and begins the process of proper cleansing.

Carpet Cleaning Star is committed to providing the Boca Raton community with the very finest in carpet and rug cleaning service.


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