Carpet Cleaning Star has been providing our Deerfield customers with the optimum carpet and rug cleaning services at competitive prices for over two decades. Specializing in pet hair, odor, stain, dirt, bacteria, and mold removal, we insist on helping our clients maintain their carpets and rugs at premium levels by utilizing the very best in cleaning technology. Our company is committed to providing Deerfield with the highest quality of service for homes, businesses, and other private properties where carpets can be damaged.

Where Carpet Damage Can Occur

Damage to your floor can occur in high traffic areas of homes or businesses, such as…

  • front doorways
  • hallways
  • kitchens
  • bathrooms
  • bedrooms
  • and other spaces where people often walk or have frequent activity.

Homes or businesses that are inhabited by small children, teenagers, and pets are also more susceptible to instances of carpet or rug damage. Gatherings and parties can lead to carpet damage if food morsels fall on the floor or liquids spills. Measures to protect the carpet can be taken, but when they fail, Carpet Cleaning Star is here to cleanse your carpet.

Why Choose Carpet Cleaning Star

  • Fast and efficient service.
  • We can clean all types of rugs, mats, and carpets regardless of texture or material.
  • Delivery and pick-up service optional.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed!


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