Services Carpet Cleaning Star Provides for Lighthouse Point Homes and Businesses

  • Removal of stains, grit, dirt, sand, bacteria, allergens, pet dander, urine, and feces.
  • On-Site cleaning cleaning.
  • Pick-Up and delivery cleaning service.
  • Oriental rug repair, tile grout removal, and reupholstery service.
  • Rug edge binding, patching, fringe and backing repair.
  • Special Services: Scotch guard protection, deodorizing carpet, drapes and blinds cleaning, baby organic stain proofing for rugs and carpets, and air duct cleaning.
  • Commercial Services: commercial upholstery, commercial carpet cleaning, installation, and repair.
  • Emergency Services: water damage restoration, fire damage repair, mildew and mold removal.

Why Carpet Cleaning Star is the Best in Lighthouse Point

Carpet Cleaning Star has been servicing the great city of Lighthouse Point and the areas that surround it for more than two decades. Our company and all over our hired technicians have been certified by The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) for professional carpet and rug cleaning. We operate state-of-the-art high powered vacuums that are clean and green towards the environment to cleans your carpet or rug. Satisfaction is guaranteed by us or we will come back and re-service your home or business. We offer premium service in this field at competitive market prices.

The Importance of Clean Carpet in Lighthouse Point

Many homes and businesses in the city of Lighthouse Point have carpets that are not properly attended to by their residents. Not because the people do not care to maintain their floor layerings, but because people are not properly trained to sustain a carpet over time or lack the proper equipment. Carpet Cleaning Star is here to make it easy and affordable for people to give their carpet or rug the restoration it deserves and requires every twelve to eighteen months. If carpets go unattended to long enough, allergens and bacteria can begin to fester and contaminate the environment, making the residents of that location sick. In cases where people have small children, spouses, or pets, it is important to maintain a clean living environment for the health of their family. In cases where businesses have employees or contracted labor, a clean and healthy work environment is necessary to sustain a safe work space to continue a company’s success.

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Oriental Rug Cleaning: 15% Off
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