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Carpet Cleaning Star is a company based right in the heart of the city of Sunny Isles Beach and has been a staple in the community since 1990. We remove stains, pet dander, feces and urine, soil, sand, and anything else that can permanently tarnish your floor layering. We serve all types of carpet: frieze, velvet or plush, shag, Saxony, textured, Berber, et cetera. And no matter what type of rug, whether it be the finest of Persian floor cloth or the most common of cotton ones on retail, we will be able to cleanse it for your home or business. We pride ourselves on providing our Sunny Isles Beach customer base with the very best in carpet and rug cleaning services because we are as much a part of this community as our clientele. We are a local business that is certified in the area of water and fire damage restoration as well.

Reasons Carpet Cleaning Star Should Serve You!

  • We have been servicing Sunny Isles Beach and the surrounding areas for over two decades.
  • We are a certified carpet and rug cleaning company by The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC).
  • Our high-powered vacuums use clean, green technology to cleanse the carpet or rug in your home or business.
  • Satisfaction is guaranteed or we will re-service your carpet or rug free of charge.
  • We offer competitive prices.

Let Us Remove Your Bed Bugs, Sunny Isles Residents!

Bed bugs can be harbingers of discomfort, disease, and sometimes even death. At Carpet Cleaning Star, we are qualified to remove these pests from your home with our state-of-the-art machines and certified technicians. Do not let you or your family have to suffer any longer from festering bed bugs which can cause allergic reactions, psychological and physiological harm, and rashes. Our Sunny Isles Beach customers deserve better.

Tips When You Choosing a Carpet Cleaning Service

Before deciding which company you want to hire for you carpet or rug cleansing needs, consider these following factors. After careful analysis, we are sure you will find Carpet Cleaning Star fulfills all the necessary criteria and more!

1.Be certain that you contract a provider who is utilizing proper apparatus.

2.Many companies allege that have proficient equipment, but very few have machines any better than the ones on retail to the general public.

3.The cleaning compounds should be properly inspected before exposing your carpet or rug to them. Whether the contracted company is using a dry solution, a steam extraction system for cleaning, or a combination of both, the customer should inquire the company on how they plan on cleansing their carpet or rug.

4.Make sure there are no hidden feeds or surcharges before hiring the company. Many carpet cleaning agencies extend comprehensive services where they clean extensively other areas for an exorbitant fee.

Carpet Cleaning Star is happy to assist you in renovating and maintaining your home or businesses appearance. Call us today!


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