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Oriental Rug Repair there is a definite growing trend for FL residents to display an array of attractive rugs in their homes. As more people are discovering the exciting world of colors, fabrics and textures from all over the world, they are becoming more enamored with luxurious Oriental and specialty rugs. There are many rug retailers in FL who offer variety in different price ranges, to appeal to every taste and budget. However, for Oriental and specialty floor coverings to keep looking lovely, certain basic maintenance and upkeep is recommended. Occasionally, when rug repair is indicated, FL can offer several professional specialized rug repair shops that have extensive experience in all types of Oriental and specialty area rug upkeep, such as cleaning, repair and restoration.

Basic common sense suggestions on how to keep floor coverings looking their best:

• Do not eat or drink wine and beverages on the carpet
• Do not set potted plants on the carpet as they can leak and cause extensive damage to carpet foundation
• Do take outside shoes off when entering the home so dirt does not drag onto the carpet
• Do Train pets not to go on the floor covering so there are fewer “pet accidents”
Then, there are also inspection and cleaning routines that prolong the life of the carpet, such as:
• Do regularly vacuum your Oriental area rug
• Do inspect your carpet for moth eggs and larvae
• Do inspect floor coverings for tears, spills, rot, uneven wear, sun damage and uneven fading
• Do professional Oriental and specialty rug repair and cleaning as needed
As Dallas residents fall in love with Oriental and specialty rugs, some basic attention to their upkeep is suggested to make them last longer and look their best. Oriental rug repair is a very skilled craft. To repair such a loved and cherished item of beauty, an experienced and professional rug repair shop should be consulted for best results. FL has a few highly qualified companies specializing in Oriental rug repair that can do wonders for an old, worn out or damaged rug. Some of the most common rug repair work done in the FL, Miami area include the following:
• rug fringe repair
• rug serging
• rug edge binding
• rug patching
• Oriental area rug reweaving
• rug backing repair


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