Special Rugs Types

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If you are going to purchase a beautiful rug that could add a unique beauty to your home with comforts, so you need a detailed knowledge of how to choose the delicate ones among the wide variety and within your budget. Besides, every special rugs kind need tailored attention not only to select the appropriate one but also for continuous care, so that your beautiful piece of art could remain longer with you. Among the vast variety of special rugs, hand knotted rugs are unique that are crafted by highly skilled artisans. But machine made rugs are not lagging behind, that are their own kinds. Besides, woven rugs are also popular among collectors, these woven rugs are also available in different size, texture and patterns like others. Some of the popular but special rugs kinds are briefly described here, for your convenience:

Persian rugs are quintessential and categorized as oriental rugs. Persian rugs are highly popular because of its designing patterns, layouts, and unique knot densities. Floral designs are the lifelines for the oriental Persian rugs and their use with different style and patterns are always admirable. These rugs are highly diverse in color patterns, allow a buyer to explore the huge variety of choice.

Balochi rugs are belong to nomadic Balochi tribes and those rugs are innovated by them; these Balochi rugs are unique in patterns and these patterns are their own identities. These rugs are the good combination of colors with astonishing patterns; usually, Balochi rugs are made with wools.

Beljiks rugs are developed with highly intricate geometric patterns. A special aspect is that these are woolen but for these rugs, only the belly wools are used. Hence, that special type of wool requirements made that rugs a precocious piece as well as costly. Besides, a needlework is also used to bound edges of that rugs and that work is the added beauty of Beljiks rugs.

Chobi (Choe-bee) rugs are backed with the outstanding floral patterns with the add-on of geometrical shapes. These rugs are man-made means, knotted by the artisans. Chobi rugs are considered as highly labor intensive products in the domain of tribal carpets. Traditional Chobi rugs are high in demands because of rich luster and eye-boggling colorful textures.

Gabbeh rugs are also alike the Chobi rugs but because of softness and amazing lustrous looks; these rugs are their own uniqueness. The incorporating the humanly spun yarn with the blend of the organic dying process make these rugs unique products; the products that are in high demand among rug lovers.

There is also a big list of special rugs kinds that are ready for your exploration but above are the selected ones that you will find as a lovely collection for your places.


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